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Let's To to Nursery
Bee and Billy
Billy and Bee
See What they can do

They're so tumbly
Wiggly, jumbly
Can you do it too?
Let's Go to the Activities!
Let's Go to the Activities!
Knock Knock Dinosaur
Take me to the Dino Fun NOW!
Take me to the Dino Fun NOW!
Check out these great dinosaur activities - more coming soon!
How to Save a Superhero
What's your superhero name? What are you special powers? Find out all this and learn how to create a photobooth to capture yourself "flying" through the air!

Find My Superpowers NOW!
There's a Monster in my Fridge
Who's in YOUR house?
And what's in YOUR fridge??
These great activities will really get your spine tingling!

Take me there NOW!
How to Win a Monster Race
Want to design your own Monster racing car? Then what are you waiting for?!

Let's DO it!
Whiffy Wilson, the Wolf who Wouldn't go to School
I've teamed up with the amazing Zoe Toft at Playing by the Book to create these super-duper Whiffy Wilson activities. Let's go!
How to Catch a Dragon
Want to draw your own dragon? Ed Eaves shows you how. Plus you can make a Dragon Chomper and write your own adventure for Albie. Let's do it!
The Princess and the Giant
The giant is super-grumpy because he can't sleep. What can Princess Sophie do to help him?
Click here to download some fun activities!
The Princess and the Presents
Ruby's enormous stack of presents is looking a bit dull. Click here to download, print and colour!
Catch That Rat!
Make your own Finger Puppet Rat!
QUICK!! Click here! She's getting away!
The Princess and the Peas
Could YOU be a princess? Help put some colour in Lily Rose May's cheeks!
Traditional Tales
Make up your own crazy traditional tales with this fun game.
Yes Please!
Welcome to Alien School
Print and colour pictures of Albie's Alien School adventure
I want to do it now!
Plunge into the Pirate Pool
Find the baby octopuses (or is it octopi??), wordsearch and more...
Let's go!
Don't Dip Your Chips - Cool Stuff
Have a look in here for cutting and sticking and colouring galore!

Yes please!
Go Shopping at the Supermarket Zoo!
There's Lots to do at Supermarket Zoo!
There's Lots to do at Supermarket Zoo!
Make your own Supermarket Zoo with a range of fabulous activity sheets!

Let's Go!
Rhino? What Rhino?
Have you seen this Rhino?
Make a WANTED poster, colour your fave characters or make a Rhino mask. It's all here!

Take Me There Now!!
Dino Activities
Create your own fantasy seeds, make a dino-chomper or a T-Rex mask or get busy with some colouring-in. It's all here!

To the Dino Activities!
Don't Put Your Pants on Your Head Fred
NEW! Pants Pants and More Pants! Activities to keep you busy for hours.

To the PANTS Place!
Whiffy Wilson - The Wolf who Wouldn't Wash
Draw close ups of what's lurking in Whiffy Wilson's fur; design a germ or help Whiffy Wilson find the soap. There's lots of fun to be had here. Just use your imagination!

Let's Get Busy!
Stuck for a Rhyme?
Rhyme Zone is a brilliant gadget that helps you find rhyming words. I use it ALL the time.

Just type your word in the space at the top and click "Go Get It"

Take me to Rhyme Zone!
DIY Rhyme Machine
Show me How
Show me How
DIY means Do It Yourself! You can make your very own Rhyme Machine here. All you need is card, scissors and a split pin!

Let's Do It!
Wordle your words!
Wordle your words with this fantastic free programme.

Try this: wordle your summer holiday
Wordle a description of your favourite food
Wordle a poem you know

Go on get wordled!

Take me to Wordle!